Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our drugs

Which of the drugs is better?

As a matter of fact, no drug is better than the others. They all have their various strengths and advantages. However, the most effective drugs come as tablets, gels (that can be swallowed), soft tablets(that can dissolve under the tongue), and capsules.

Do the drugs have contraindications and side effects?

Unfortunately, the drugs for erectile dysfunction have side effects and contraindications. Generally, don’t take any of them when you are already on nitro-containing drug. Also, having any cardiovascular disease makes you ineligible to take the drugs. In addition, each drug has its own side effects and contraindications. The good thing is that many of the side effects will usually vanish with time and some other side effects only occur when you take an overdose. Most importantly, once you get your doctor involved, you don’t really have to worry about their side effects and contraindications.

How do I place an order on any of the drug?

Just fill the online ordering form. You’ll be contacted to confirm your order. After that, your order will be shipped to you.

Are drugs original?

Yes of course. Our drugs are 100% original. We operate on a license. All our drugs pass through quality assurance test before shipping them out to customers.

What is your return policy?

If our drug does not work for you, let us know. We’ll either offer you a refund or we’ll ship out a replacement drug to you. Your satisfaction is our major objective.

What are generic drugs?

They are drugs whose patent has expired. So, they are no longer sold exclusively under a particular brand name. Generic drugs are as effective as their branded versions but they cost much less.

Are the ED pills effective?

Yes, they are very effective. That’s why they are popular all over the world. However, one drug works better than others for different individuals. So, some of our drugs may be more effective than others for you.

Any other information about the drugs?

These drugs only work in conjunction with sexual arousal. If you’re not aroused, they may not kick in. Unfortunately, they just give and sustain an erection. They don’t and can’t boost your libido.