Check order status

The time we charge your Credit Card

As soon as your order is processed and cleared by our billing department that is the time that your credit card will be charged.

The arrival of the package

The arrival of the package will depend on the type of order. You will have to wait for two to three business days for the Airmail shopping, the delivery for the order can be earlier than expected. It takes three to eight business days for your order to be delivered for The EMS Courier.

Tracking Your Order

If you would like to track your order, all you need to do is to log in to your support site. We provide all the tracking information of all the packages that are shipped via courier. After a few days of shipping the package, be assured of receiving a tracking number and a helpful link that will help you to check the shipping process online.

What is needed for you to check the status online

For you to be able to check your order status you will need to have an Email and a Credit Card you will only have to share the last digits of your credit card. With the two you will be able to fill the transaction sum as it will appear.